our philosophy

We include all members and respect each child’s rights and dignity within our community. Children begin kindergarten with their own ideas, questions, values, opinions, cultures and family backgrounds. Respecting this can help develop enduring and strong relationships between children and adults. This enables each child to feel safe, secure, respected, happy and nurtured as an individual.

We believe children’s self-esteem and confidence is integral to all aspects of their learning and development. We pride ourselves on offering indoor-outdoor activities that promote a sense of independence. The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Curriculum underpins our play-based program of activities. Educators empower and support children’s sense of identity, community, wellbeing, learning and communication in this nurturing and play-based environment.

The roles of parents and community members are highly valued and welcome within our parent-run kindergarten. This provides children and families with a sense of belonging and strong links to home life.

We aim to help children understand their responsibilities to their world. Environmental issues and sustainability are an integral part of the day-to-day learning.

Our Kindergarten supports cultural diversity. Our educators have a sound knowledge and the ability to respect, communicate and understand cultural differences and interact with all individuals fairly and equally. Indigenous perspectives are integrated into activities through stories, art, experiences and drawing


Read more about our kindergarten below, in our downloadable Parent’s Handbook, outline of a typical day at Kindergarten, and further information about J.S Grey Kindergarten.


a typical day at J.S Grey Kindergarten

We run an indoor/outdoor program where children are given the opportunity to move between play experiences. Children participate in group play and solo play with a mix of structured and unstructured activities. A typical day usually follows the routine below.

  • Indoors: Play experiences are regularly rotated and include puzzles, books, painting, drawing, construction sets, puppets, musical instruments, play dough and blocks.
  • Mat time: The children sit as a group with the teacher to be involved in singing, dancing, music, games, books and movement.
  • Time for food: Children eat and drink at either the tables inside or picnic rugs outside. Children in the 4-year-old program have two food breaks – a progressive snack and a communal lunch break. Children in the 3-year-old program have a progressive snack time.
  • Outside: Outside play includes the sandpit, climbing, water play, games and construction.
  • Mat time: At the end of the session, children return to the mat to await pick-up, and sometimes share stories or songs.


information to help you prepare for Kindergarten

When should my child commence Kindergarten?

We recommend that children commence school the year they are turning six. There is no rush to send children to school before they are five years of age. Parents of children born between January and April may choose to enrol their child in a second year of 3-year-old kindergarten, participate in a playgroup or do one or two days of child care. This will assist your child to be emotionally ready for 4-year-old kindergarten.

Orientation Day

Once your place has been confirmed at J.S Grey Kindergarten, we invite you and your child to attend a one-hour orientation session at kindergarten to play and meet the teachers; this is usually in December of each year.

The First Few Weeks of Kindergarten

A successful start at kindergarten takes preparation. Talk to your child at home about the routine and things they will be doing at kindergarten. Walk past the kindergarten and have a play at the park. Talk about your child’s teachers’ names so that your child is familiar with them.
Children must be able to use the toilet independently. They need to learn how to undo their pants, pull down their underwear, sit on the toilet, do their business, then wipe themselves, pull up their pants, flush the toilet and wash their hands independently. This is a skill that takes time and planning by families. If you start now, by January your child will have mastered this skill very well.

No Jab No Play

The Victorian Government has introduced ‘No Jab, No Play’ legislation into Parliament. This commenced on 1st January, 2016. This would mean all children will be required to be fully vaccinated in order to be enrolled in childcare and/or kindergarten in Victoria.

Parents will need to provide the following:

  • An Immunisation History Statement showing their child’s vaccinations are up-to-date for their age according to the immunisation schedule (or lists which vaccines they have a medical contraindication to), OR
  • A completed Medicare Immunisation History Form IMMU13 as evidence their child is on a vaccination catch-up schedule.

What Your Child Needs to Bring

The following list covers the items children need to bring with them to kindergarten each day. Please label all your child’s belongings, including their clothing, bags, lunchboxes, drink bottles and hats.
A healthy lunch and a snack (for 4-year-olds) or a snack (for 3-year-olds) in lunchboxes

  • Water (only) in a drink bottle
  • In warm weather – sunhat and sunscreen (Terms 1 and 4)
  • In cold weather – jacket and warm hat (Terms 2 and 3)
  • A change of clothing to be kept in your child’s bag in case of accidents
  • A bag large enough to carry all of the above as well as artwork

Food and Nutrition

At J.S. Grey Kindergarten we pride ourselves on promoting a healthy eating program for all children and staff members. This includes promoting healthy eating habits, dental hygiene and the drinking of water only. Therefore, we request that only nutritious foods be sent from home and that families minimise the inclusion of processed foods and packaging.

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Our food policy assists children who have food allergies including anaphylactic reactions to certain foods. All nuts and nut products are not permitted. PLEASE DO NOT SEND nuts, Nutella or peanut butter.

Clothing and Footwear

Clothing should be comfortable and suitable for active and messy play. We do provide smocks, but clothes can still get dirty. It is important to dress children in clothes that you don’t mind getting spoilt by messy activities, and which allow for safe climbing and physical activity.

Sun Protection

We are a Sun Smart Centre. Sunhats are mandatory for outside play in Terms 1 and 4. Sunscreen is available at kinder should you forget to apply sunscreen at home prior to the kinder session.

Celebrating Birthdays

Children’s birthdays are celebrated on their birthday or on the first session following their birthday. We celebrate by singing Happy Birthday, blowing out candles on a pretend birthday cake and giving the child a birthday certificate.

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