At J.S Grey Kindergarten we have an experienced team of Teachers and Educators. All our teaching staff draw on current research by Early Childhood theorists to coordinate our educational play-based program.

Read a bit more about our staff below:

our educational staff
Rina Devi
Educational Leader and activity group leader for the 3-year-old groups.
Lin Guo
Lin is a Teacher in our 4-year-old kinder program.
Pina Stefanatos
Pina Stefanatos is Teacher for 4-year-old program at J.S Grey Kindergarten. She has been working as a Kindergarten Teacher for 22 years.
Simon Fagnani
Simon will commence in 2019. We look forward to welcoming him to the team.
Maria Molini
Maria Molini is an Educator for the 4-year-old program at J.S Grey Kindergarten. She works to provide a caring, loving, nurturing environment for...
Dina Mollinaro
Dina has been working in early childhood education. She is an educator to the children in the 3-year-old groups.
Nikki Benjamin
Nikki has commenced at J.S Grey Kindergarten as an Educator in Platypus Group.
our management team
Marisa Puccio
Marisa Puccio is the Centre Manager for J.S Grey Kindergarten.
Lisa Mancini
Lisa Mancini is the Office Manager at J.S Grey Kindergarten.