Healthy Eating at J.S Grey

A big thank you to all parents for supplying healthy food for your child at kinder.

Many children come in with a variety of delicious fruit, vegetables, sandwiches and homemade dishes. These foods support children’s growing bodies, promote brain development and fuel energetic play.

Food and Nutrition: (from our parent handbook)
At J.S. Grey Kindergarten we pride ourselves on promoting a healthy eating program for all children and staff members. This includes promoting healthy eating habits, dental hygiene and the drinking of water only. Therefore, we request that only nutritious foods be sent from home and that families minimise the inclusion of processed foods and packaging. We appreciate your support in promoting healthy eating to the children. We will continue to provide practical ideas about how to help your children develop healthy eating habits throughout the year.

For the children in our 4-year- old groups, we recommend that you send two lunchboxes: one lunchbox for brain food (snack time) and the other lunchbox for lunchtime. We have a progressive snack table for morning snacks. We support and encourage children to eat when they are hungry and to drink water often. The 4-year- old groups attend kindergarten over lunchtime and have a community lunch sitting together as a group. Children in the 3-year- old program only need to bring one snack, which is eaten when they are hungry.

Healthy options
Healthy lunch and snack options include sandwiches, rolls, wraps, rice, pasta, noodles, crackers, rice crackers, fruit, vegetables, cheese and yoghurt (packed with an ice-brick to keep cool). All nuts and nut products are not permitted.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND nuts, Nutella or peanut butter.

Unhealthy options
Highly processed snack foods high in fat, salt and sugar and low in nutrients should not be included in children’s lunchboxes. Examples of these foods include lollies, chocolates, sweet biscuits, cakes, muesli bars, fruit-filled bars, potato chips, corn chips, savoury biscuits (e.g. Shapes), sprinkles (100s and 1000s), fruit straps, roll-ups, juice and cordial.

Minimising waste
As a community, we pride ourselves on sustainable practices such as recycling, worm farms and reusing materials where possible. We encourage families to minimise the use of plastic wrappings such as freezer bags, cling wrap, snap-lock bags and packaging in general.

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